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What’s FR Clothing Made Of?

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Is your team currently equipped with the best personal protective equipment? If workplace hazards are a routine part of your work day, it may be time to consider flame retardant clothing. FR clothes offers unbeatable protection for industry workers and very much differ from everyday clothes. But how exactly are they different and what specifically makes FR clothing flame resistant? We will address all that and more in this blog post.

Electric Arcs

Arc blasts or flash hazards pose some of the most serious safety hazards for electric power industry workers. Electric arcs may include temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun over fractions of a second, hot gases, an intense pressure wave from the explosion, as well as shrapnel from vaporized and molten metal particles. Should these workers not wear the proper clothing, serious circumstances such as burns, blindness, hearing/memory loss, broken bones, or death may result. That’s why it’s so important to wear the proper attire. With electric arcs in particular, the FR clothing can have a huge impact in the severity of potential injury.

According to the “269” standard, industry workers are prohibited from wearing clothing that, in the presence of an arc, can potentially increase the extent of injury if the clothing would ignite and continue to burn, or if the clothing melts on the skin. This is precisely where the differences in everyday clothing comes into play. Generally, these types of workers are prohibited from wearing clothes made of or blended with synthetic materials such as acetate, nylon, polyester, and rayon.

How to Select FR Clothes that Best Suit You

If its weight is appropriate for the flame and electric arc conditions to which a worker could be exposed, it may be acceptable to wear clothing made from 100 percent cotton. While these materials will not melt as heat levels increase, they can still ignite and continue to burn, leading to potential disaster. Keep in mind that the amount of heat required to ignite these materials depends on weight, texture, weave, and color of the material.

Thankfully, there is now a heat energy rating system for FR clothes and fabrics. In order to identify the appropriate fireproof clothing, the heat energy to which workers are exposed must be calculated. For best practice guidance and other information, click here.

Why Choose Rasco FR Direct?

Before getting started with your apparel, you must first go through a Hazard Assessment, the first step in creating a PPE program. This is the point where employers must determine if the PPE equipment will even be required. A walk-through survey of the workplace will be conducted using the Hazard Assessment Checklist to locate any potential hazards. These hazards could range from impacts, to combustible dust, to fire and chemical hazards.

From there, it’s time to determine what kind of protective clothing you’ll need. As explained in the ABCs of PPE, there are different FR standards for oil and gas, electric utility, and general industry workers.

Frankly, it can get overwhelming in a hurry when it comes to shopping for FR clothes. That’s why so many customers choose Rasco FR Direct. We can outfit your team with FR shirts, pants, jeans, coveralls, raingear, safety vests, and much more. All of our products are made in accordance with FR standards and compliances. Plus, customer service remains of the utmost importance, as evidenced by our free shipping and free returns policy.

Shop Rasco FR Direct today for the best flame resistant clothing.